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My Life After My Pregnancy - 944 Words

â€Å"We will get through this together and I’m not mad at you† my mom said to me while I was on the other end of the phone crying. It was December 2013 and I was in my room crying my eyes out because I was barley nineteen years old when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter Zoey. Being pregnant at a young age is very scary and hard just a year out of High School, I was forced to grow up and make a big decision with my life. This was a life altering moment for me but I knew right away I was going to have my daughter; the way I look at it she saved my life from going down the wrong path. During the first four months of my pregnancy I was dealing with depression. I felt like I was alone and a disappointment to my family so I kept her a secret from my siblings and dad. When I first found out I was pregnant I was 11 weeks in already and at the time her father and I were split up and I wasn’t sure if he even wanted to be there for she and I because it seemed to me he was enjoying being single. I eventually told him the news a week later when we were having a heated argument, it just slipped out. I thought it would change things with us but he still continued what he was doing but told me he will be there for her when she comes. Everyday for the first four months was hard for me because all I could think of is how I am going to provide for her because I didn’t have a job but I was taking twelve credit hours here at San Juan College, I had no source of income and I was livingShow MoreRelatedPregnancy Is An Event Of A Woman Life That Brings Pure Joy And Excitement1520 Words   |  7 Pages Pregnancy is an event in a woman life that brings pure joy and excitement. During a woman’s pregnancy her body is physically changing, along with a cascade of emotions. Every pregnancy in a woman’s life is highly individualized. Pregnancy can range from completely normal to various complication, both maternal and fetal complications. The patient I interviewed gave birth to a healthy baby girl, and she couldn’t be more excited. She had a wonderful birthing experience, this was her 3rd child and sheRead MoreTeen Pregnancy: A Serious Problem in America1568 Words   |  7 PagesTeen Pregnancy is a very serious issue in America. There are many statistics and facts about teen pregnancy and how it is such a big problem in America. So, in my paper I want to talk about teen pregnancies and ways to prevent it. I want to explain that teen pregnancy is not the end of the world and that pregnant teens have a future. I want to also talk about my experience and how having a ch ild at a young age changed my life in many different ways. At the age of eighteen I found out I was goingRead MoreThe Issue Of Abortion : Is Not A One Size Fits All Scenario? Essay1720 Words   |  7 Pagesin love with them. When someone decides to terminate a pregnancy, not only is it a huge setback to our culture, but our moral and ethical beliefs as well. This issue, unfortunately, is not a one size fits all scenario. Many situations can be considered when talking about the issue of abortion. Throughout this paper, I will be reflecting on the matter of abortion from my own personal perspective in general, in cases of rape, poor quality of life, eminent danger to child and/or mother, and incest. InRead MoreEssay about A Woman Has NO Right to Choose Muder (Abortion)1418 Words   |  6 Pagesbabies from being deprived of life. Lets begin this essay by reading at a true life story of a woman who had an abortion. â€Å"I learned that I was pregnant at the age of eighteen, shortly after moving in with my boyfriend. Feeling scared and insecure, I didnt know how a baby would fit into my future. Upon seeking counsel from friends and family, it seemed logical to consider abortion as an option. After all, I was young, pretty and intelligent. I had my whole life ahead of me. It was a shock toRead MoreTeenage Pregnancy Is A Reoccurring Problem Within The United States1576 Words   |  7 PagesTeenage pregnancy is a reoccurring problem within the United States. On average, nearly 750,000 American teenagers become pregnant each year. This issue needs to be solved, and there are many ways to accomplish this problem. One way is to provide birth control, without a prescription, to teenagers who are sexually active. Another way is to discontinue shows such as â€Å"16 and Pregnant,† which encourage teens to be sexually active and makes teens think pregnancy is not a major issue. More teenagers are Read More Pregnancy and Abortion among Teens Essay1576 Words   |  7 Pagesdifficult situation that many have to confront. It is a problem that concerns all of us. Teen Pregnancy is a social problem that affects every individual in a community. Form the parents of the baby, to the baby, and the family around the teenagers. It is said that teen pregnancy leads to abortion. After many years of investigation, researchers have come to find an incredible relationship between teen pregnancy and abortion. It is not an easy task to raise a child during the teenage years. As an exampleRead MoreCauses And Consequences Of Preterm Babies854 Words   |  4 Pageswas a cold morning January 23, 2006. I had a regular appointment with my doctor; I believe that this day would be some routine that turn out to be a nightmare. My doctor indicated that my baby had to be born on this date because he had a problem at my 32 weeks of pregnancy his weight was only 3 lbs and there was a high level of protei n on my urine. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia; finally, my baby was born a premature baby my first question was why? And what is a premature baby? PrematureRead MoreMy Journey Towards Motherhood At Graduate School Essay1652 Words   |  7 Pagesheart go walking around outside your body. (Stone, 2014) My journey towards motherhood was one I have always hoped that I would embark on once I was fully prepared. When I planned for this journey, I envisioned owning a beautiful home, being in my career and being with my dream man. However, I guess I was not committed enough to myself to ensure my journey would be traveled as planned. This was evident by the fact that I chose to start my journey in October of 2013 while still attending graduateRead MoreExploring Aspects of Abortion Essay895 Words   |  4 PagesExploring Aspects of Abortion An abortion is the termination of a pregnancy before birth, resulting in the death of the fetus. Some abortions occur naturally because the fetus does not develop normally or because the mother has an injury or disorder that stops her from carrying the pregnancy to term. This type of abortion is known as a miscarriage. Other abortions take place because the pregnancy is unwanted or if there is a risk to the womans health. InducedRead MoreMy First Experience At Giving Birth1406 Words   |  6 Pages My First Experience at Giving Birth Life seemed to have ended just as it was starting. One of my greatest wishes in life was to become a mother, a nurturing, caring, patient, self gratifying responsibility. Every time I interacted with people and every time I saw other ladies with their sons and daughters, I admired to be like them because I love children. However, I did not know the kind of journey that was ahead of me because I thought giving birth was

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Symptoms And Treatment Of Bipolar Disorder - 1442 Words

The human body, especially the brain, is one of the most strange and complex organs known to man. With a unique structure and various neurological pathways, no human being ever has or ever will have quite the same mental processor, though it is possible for two people to become afflicted with the same mental illness. For example, manic depressive illness, or bipolar disorder, is a cognitive disease which affects â€Å"about 2.6% of the U.S. population† every year (DBSA). Along with the vast number of patients stricken with bipolar, are also a plethora of symptoms, with researchers and patients reporting, â€Å"unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and (an inability) to carry out day-to-day tasks† (NIMH). Along with the symptoms of†¦show more content†¦For example, a research study found in the Oxford Textbook of Psychopathology showed that out of a pair of identical twins, it was possible for just one twin to develop bipolar, despite them both havin g an identical genetic code, with the study finding that even in cases of twins, the chance of them both developing bipolar stood only at 60 %(qtd. in Twin Studies). This shows that although genetics are likely to contribute to whether or not a person will develop bipolar, it is by no means a guarantee such a thing will happen. Other factors that could possibly contribute to a person developing Bipolar include, the structure of the brain and an imbalance of neurotransmitters. According to the NIMH, the structure of a brain that is affected by bipolar disorder, is significantly different than a person without. When researchers took MRI scans of someone with the disease it showed that â€Å"the pattern(s) of brain development in children with bipolar disorder was similar to that in children with multi-dimensional impairment†, a disease with similar symptoms to bipolar. These

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A Very Brief History of Cuba - 2147 Words

Countries that were once colonies went through various stages of evolution in order to develop economically, politically, and culturally while gaining independence. Cuba, a former colony of Spain, has changed drastically throughout the years. Although in some cases, colonialism has had a positive effect on the country in the area regarding education and health care and on the other hand, has created an economic gap between the citizens. The government, social structure, and economy in the country can be compared and contrasted throughout the pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial years. Pre-Colonial First Settlers Knowledge of the native peoples in Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, prior to the colonial era derives from the†¦show more content†¦Although the colonization of Cuba by the Spaniards contributed to the growth of the country economically, politically, and culturally, the relationship between the two during that period appeared to be appalling. In the late 1400s and 1500s, the indigenous peoples of Cuba were either wiped out through disease and the brutality of the Spanish or absorbed through intermarriage. With that in mind, additional labour had to be obtained due to the decrease in the native labour force, thus beginning the slave trade. In addition, Spain would forbid Cuba to trade with other European countries while keeping their profits for themselves. Several disputes rose as Cuba attempted to gain independence through three wars, creating tension between the two countries. Government The governing structure in Cuba during the colonial era was ruled by a Crown appointed governor. Diego Velazquez, the man who established the first Spanish settlement in Cuba, served as the first governor until his death in 1524. Under his leadership, various settlements were created such as Baracoa, a city in the region of Guantanamo. Havana progressed quickly and was officially designated the capital of Cuba in 1607. In order to strengthen the development of the oriental region of the island, the country was divided into two governments – Havana in the occident and Santiago de Cuba in the oriental – by the SpanishShow MoreRelatedThe Reasons Why Cuban Government Permits Non Cuban Workers From The United States And Other Nations1619 Words   |  7 Pagesmillion people, pint sized Cuba has made their mark in global politics. They’ve managed to showcase a genuine socialist revolution and have incessantly fought, defended and extended it in spite of ruthless emba rgos and sanctions from the United States and other nations. Introduction This is a brief examination into Cuba’s historical progression and their constant political struggles with the government, the people of Cuba, and other countries. This research will explore Cuba and the global challengesRead MoreThe Cuban Government And Schooling1296 Words   |  6 PagesThe United States had a brief reign over Cuba from 1898 and 1902 after Cuba attained independence from Spain and fell under U.S. control. Education in Cuba Many people and organizations, such as the World Bank, have praised the education system in Cuba, which claimed it is the best education system in Latin America and the Caribbean. The system is driven by high literacy rates, strong teacher and student performance, and its availability to all citizens of Cuba (Gasperini, 2000). Read MoreFidel Castro And The Cuban Revolution1410 Words   |  6 PagesEventually, in 1960 Castro led Cuba into an economic deal with the Soviet Union (or USSR), as a result of this American and Cuban relations were completely cut off (Dobbs 12-18). A year later President John F. Kennedy was elected with hopes to be stricter against communist countries like Cuba. Meanwhile, Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev had made a deal with Castro to supply weapons to form a Cuban Army. In an attempt to overthrow Castro, Kennedy launched an invasion against Cuba using only Cuban exilesRead MoreThe Guantanamo Bay Detention Center1262 Words   |  6 PagesOn a hot summer day in July, I’ve flown all the way to Cuba not for the sights, but I’ve been given the opportunity to interview one of the contributors behind the terrorist plot that struck the nation back in 2001. The plot I’m referring to the was the infamous â€Å"9/11† attack which struck so many Americans at their very core as this was the largest known terrorist plot to ever hit the United States. On that frightful day, there were approximately 3,000 people who perished on September 11 and anotherRead MoreThe Cold War and US Diplomacy1296 Words   |  5 PagesThe Cold War and U.S. Diplomacy While President John F. Kennedy was only the commander and chief for a brief period of years, not even fulfilling a full term, he was extremely beloved. Not just for the work that he completed in the United States, such as founding the Peace Corps, but for his strategic and diplomatic relations with what were often extremely tense diplomatic relations. One of the most famous incidents of precarious international relations was the Cuban Missile Crisis; it was duringRead MoreFidel Castro s Marxist Leninist Government On The United States Essay1566 Words   |  7 Pagespolitical establishment in Miami. A brief answer as to why Cubans choose Miami as their arriving destination was previously mentioned, but the full answer requires a look at the history between Miami and Havana, Cuban’s capital. Before 1958, there were a 10,000 Cubans in Miami, Florida – only 3,500 residents and many exiles that fled the Fulgencio Batista regime that Castro and his followers overthrow (Levine Asis, 21). The United States and Cuba had a long history of economic relations. By the 1900’sRead MoreAnalysis Of Reinaldo Arenas And The Cuban Revolution1656 Words   |  7 Pagesonly signifies sorrow but can also be freedom. These words were based to the story in relation to the Reinaldo Arenas case in Cuban revolution. However, the story itself shows the love to the country of Cuba. The statement that was written on this paper shows my personal analysis allied to the history and biography of the author. The imagery of the mother reveals the true happiness of the story teller. The story was composed of 6 characters. Includes the mother, the four sisters and the only guy inRead MoreBrief Summary of John F. Kennedy ´s Life1017 Words   |  5 PagesFitzgerald Kennedy of the United States of America. John Fitzgerald Kennedy very prosperous leader was his speeches that he gave to the american people and to the world trying to make the world a much higher quality place to live. He also asked the american people â€Å"Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.† John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born May 29, 1917 in Brookline, Ma. He was born into a very wealthy family the Fitzgerald and the Kennedy’s, both were prominent IrishRead MoreAmericas Foreign Policy: Rise to Globalism by Stephen E. Ambrose1166 Words   |  5 PagesRise to Globalism is a fascinating summary of Americas foreign policy from World War II to the Gulf War. Stephen E. Ambrose, earned his history Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin and he is a very talented author. Rise to Globalism was published by Penguin Books Inc. in 1993 in New York. The book gives the readers an idea of why America and the rest of the world were communicating, ordered in consecutive order and by U.S. presidents. In this novel, Stephen E. Ambrose and Douglas G. BrinkleyRead MoreReflection Paper On Cultural Immersion1732 Words   |  7 Pagesabout his culture and his personal experiences in coming to this country. First though it’s important to look at a brief history of Puerto Rico to understand its place in his life as well as in ours. Puerto Rico is an island that is approximately 3,500 square miles and it’s located in the West Indies. It shares the Caribbean with the other islands of the Greater Antilles chain, Cuba, Jamaica and Hispaniola (which is divided into Haiti and the Dominican Republic). Puerto Rico was ruled by the Spanish

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Gun Control in the US Essay Example For Students

Gun Control in the US Essay Gun control, as we know it, consists of the government restricting the ability of individual citizens to purchase weapons. The different types of gun control vary from waiting periods between when you purchase the gun and when you actually get it, background checks so that high-risk people cant purchase guns through legal channels, and completely banning certain types of guns. There are countless ways for criminals to avoid these government regulations, causing them to only render the ability of innocent citizens protecting their home and familys ability to purchase guns. The waiting period method of gun control is basically a two-step process. The first step in the procedure is that the person wanting a gun goes to his local shop (or calls a reputable mail order outlet) to place the initial order. Then, he must wait one to two weeks while the government performs a small background check for past criminal activities, disorderly conduct, or lack of mental/emotional stability. During this time, if the purchaser of the gun wanted the gun for impulse reasons (out of rage), it is hoped that they will not still want to cause bodily harm after a couple weeks. The problem with this method of gun control is that it stops the ordinary citizen from purchasing a gun on the whim, but it actually protects the common criminal. Underage buyers and other delinquents can purchase mass quantities of weapons through dummy buyers that have clean backgrounds. So if a burglar enters a house with full intention to maim or kill, the innocent victim (who cant get a gun to protect his family because he was arrested for drunk driving seven years ago) is simply a victim of a law that supports black market trade. There are over 200 million registered guns in circulation (Larson), and they are the ones that will not be killing our children. The unregistered ones are owned by murderers, rapists, Another practiced technique of preventing dangerous firearms from killing honest people is to ban an entire type of weapon. The AK-47 is a commonly-used example of that. Again, the criminals still have limited access to the weapon through underground channels, but these banned weapons are so powerful that there is really is not practical purpose for them in the home (or in hunting). This can easily be adverted by the common criminal who knows anything about the way guns are assembled. A semi-automatic machine gun can be converted into a fully-automatic gun with a little handcraft. A shotgun can become a bloody powerful weapon by sawing-off the tip of it. Obviously, new methods of gun control are needed to produce desired results. In the first half of 1991, fifty children under the age of seventeen had been shot to death. If we continue to monitor the sale of firearms, there must be new techniques that can watch where the guns end up. And if we decide that we can/will not go down that track, we must make that judgement earnestly, and without haste, because it will decide the future of The United State of America as we know it. Bibliography:Larson, Erik. The Story of a Gun, The Atlantic Monthly. January 1993Pooley, Eric. Kids with Guns. , New York. August 5, 1991.

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Canadian Banks free essay sample

This paper looks at Canadian Commercial Banks and analyzes their activity In the N.Y.C. real estate market. An examination of the entry of Canadian banks into the American banking market. The paper shows how their greatest competition remains the American commercial banks, and shows how their attempt to enter the real estate market has succeeded. It shows how Canadian Banks already realize a healthy portion of the US real estate market and it is expected that this growth will continue into the future. The Canadian economy has paralleled the US economy for the past year. Following the events of September 11, 2002, the Canadian economy and the US economy took dips and many on both sides of the border feared recession. However, these circumstances were short-lived and both economies quickly resumed their normal pattern. The US economy is strong and many Canadian Banks are poised to take advantage of eager investors in the United States. We will write a custom essay sample on Canadian Banks or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Many of these Banks have established a presence in New York City. One of the main reasons for this move is the strength of the US dollar. Foreign Banks used to have a competitive edge over American Banks, but legislation has evened the playing field. The chief competition for Canadian Banks operating in the US is, of course, other US Banks.

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African Americans and Making a Difference essays

African Americans and Making a Difference essays Imagine walking down the street, while being called derogatory names. Imagine being legally banned from sitting in the front of the bus. Imagine how one must feel as he or she gives up the only seat to a white person and being forced to stand rather than sit. Imagine the fear one must feel as fellow citizens hatefully bomb his or her home. These are just a few examples of the hateful, violent acts of racial discrimination, which all African Americans were forced to endure. Because the suffering had become too much to bear, African Americans began speaking out against racial discrimination. As many leaders supporting the cause emerged, one man seemed to stand out in the crowd and take a starring role in what would become the civil rights movement. This man, whose name is most associated with the civil rights movement, was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His belief that African Americans could only gain civil rights through passive resistance and the use of non-violent protests differed from the beliefs of other civil rights leaders. King demonstrated his belief through the use of sit-ins, protests, and speeches, and his involvement in nonviolent groups and organizations working toward equality for African Americans. Such organizations were the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and a Youth March for Integrated Schools. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "somebody will have to say 'Th ere lived a race of people, a black people, fleecy locks and black complexion, but a race of people who had the moral courage to stand up for their rights...."(Carson 2). The passive resistance ideology of Martin Luther King, Jr. is responsible for the success of the civil rights movement during the 1960's. At the very young age of six, King experienced his first encounter with racial discrimination. His experience at a young age led to the life-long goal of changing the way African ...

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Managerial Economics - Disney World Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Managerial Economics - Disney World - Case Study Example Soon, competition came up and Disneyland started to lose its market. Same tragedy with Disney World too! Though main objective of it is to regain the market, along with it several other parks like Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and Discovery Cove etc. came into existence offering various amusements facilities. Major attraction of Universal Studios are shows and ride whereas, SeaWorld is a chain of marine mammal parks. Discovery Cove gives the opportunity to the guests to interact more closely with mammal animals. Apart from those, Kennedy Space Center provides the unique chance to tour NASA's launch and landing facilities. Disney World paved the way for the other theme parks and made the Orlando a popular tourist place for entertainment. It's true that after the introduction of other parks, market of Disney has slowed down somewhat but, it has another important goal too, and that is recreation which has direct relation with business profit. From amusement perspective all are working in hand to keep Orlando livelier and brighter and so, to Disney World too. Today attendance of each Disneyland is varying from 10,000,000 to 20,000,000. Starbucks cafes have given coffee a new cachet and their success has helped all the coffee distributors in United States. A chain of innovation has been set by Starbucks' creativity in once sleepy industry.